ABOUT Poppa C’s

Poppa C’s BBQ is an exclusive New Orleans-based business that specializes in barbeque meats and other fine products. Poppa C’s wants to be the centerpiece of your holiday meals and other special occasions. The food is so good you will be glad you made the choice. At Poppa C’s we don’t over complicate the process, everything starts with the top selection of meats. We choose only the best cuts based on how it’s processed, grade, and aesthetics texture.

Poppa C’s was founded by owner and BBQ Chef Clarence Robinson. A very tall man with a huge personality and a big voice that speaks passionately about the business he founded in New Orleans, in 2011. The dream of Poppa C’s was conceptualize while Clarence was confined to a wheelchair for two years, after a serious accident.


“I was born and raised in New Orleans, and my father was a chef at the Hotel Monteleone for 35 years down in the French Quarters. Although I learned my early cooking skills from my mother who was also an excellent cook“.  I was drawn to barbecuing because it was different style of culinary from my parents.”

In the beginning, as he experimented with grilling techniques, he admitted he wasn’t very good.  Then one day Clarence heard local radio personality Frank Davis, and he called in to the show. Frank advised Clarence to start cooking with a thermometer to get his food more consistent with taste and texture. “Consistency is really important to me up until to this day. My food is consistent every time and I don't cheat the process."

While working in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Clarence was inspired by another BBQ pit master, Firewood Fred. He is also the owner Fess's BBQ restaurant. “Firewood Fred never showed me his recipes, but he did share his techniques. He told me, Clarence, It's not the sauce; it's the quality of the meat."

To establish his own claim to fame, Clarence began to deep fry turkeys and became well-known for his delectable cuisine. But fried turkeys were a very competitive business in New Orleans, so Clarence started cooking BBQ for people instead. It was then, Poppa C became heavily influenced by Steven Raichlen and his “BBQ University". “From Steven, I learned how important the tint of smoke is to grilling and to the master the process of direct and indirect cooking. Steven cooked everything on a pit.” Clarence jokes, “Now everything I cook is SMOKING!!!”

So with the help of his nephew, Clarence cooked BBQ. Using one Weber grill and another grill borrowed from his brother-in-law, on what Clarence said was the “worst and coldest night in New Orleans.”  With 100 pounds of charcoal. Poppa C’s marinated, smoked, and cooked over 50 roasts during the week of Thanksgiving. “Every year after that, we got repeat customers for our savory smoked pork roasts.” Clarence says proudly. And as they say, the rest is history…