When asked what Clarence thinks of first when he thinks of Poppa C’s he says, “Dedication. I really care about what I do. And I get joy when people eat my food. I brag about a lot of things, but the one I thing I never brag about is my food." Exclusivity, consistency and delicious style. That’s also what you get with Poppa C’s BBQ and fine foods.


1st Fridays with Poppa C’s

Every first Friday of the month… Lunch for the office, or just lunch at home. Let Poppa C feed you this Friday. Check out our menu option and order today.


Event Food Packages

If you’re looking to just have foods for everyone to snack on during your event, Poppa C's Catering Bundle is the way to go. Package includes everything you will need.


Catering Options

Whether you are preparing for a private party, wedding, or a small gathering of the family, Poppa C’s can provide you a delicious option to ease your mind and let Poppa C’s cater your menu.